GlucoGel Dextrose Gel 25g Tubes – Pack of 3


GlucoGel is the UK’s number 1 prescribed glucose supplement. It provides a fast acting measured dose of glucose in an easy to swallow gel format. GlucoGel is an ideal product to help manage blood glucose levels.

GlucoGel Dextrose Gel 25g Tubes – Pack of 3 £8.99

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GlucoGel (formerly known as Hypostop) is a fast acting Dextrose Gel (40% dextrose) to raise blood sugar levels rapidly.

  • 40% dextrose
  • 10g glucose per 25g tube
  • 1 tube = 2% of adult Guideline Daily Amount
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to swallow
  • Rapidly absorbed through gums and cheeks
  • Free from artificial colours, sweeteners, caffeine and gluten, and is suitable for both vegetarians and vegan diets
  • NICE recommends GlucoGel for the treatment of hypoglycemia


Should I test my blood glucose before taking Glucogel if I am a diabetic?

If you have diabetes it is always best to check your blood glucose before consuming Glucogel to confirm that your blood glucose is low and that you need extra carbohydrates.


How long does it take for Glucogel to work?

NICE guidelines state that when 10-20g of carbohydrates (glucose) is administered, blood glucose levels should increase in 5-15 minutes.



Can Glucogel be given through a PEG tube?

Yes, Glucogel can be administered through a PEG tube, however, you would not expect as quick absorption as you would through the buccal route (mouth/oral administration). It would be expected to increase blood glucose but not as quickly. Specific guidance should be provided by a qualified healthcare professional.