Dextro Energy Orange + Vitamin C – 47g


Dextro Energy Orange + Vitamin C Tablets provide a fast acting source of energy and are ideal for work, school and sport.

14 tablets per pack.

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How does Dextro Energy Work?

Dextro Energy is a fast source of energy straight into the bloodstream. It replenishes your energy for better concentration and physical performance. Ideal for work, studying, and sport. Fruit flavours contain vitamin C.

What are Dextro Energy Tablets?

Dextro Energy is the fast energy provider for in-between and on the road. Dextrose enters the bloodstream directly and immediately replenishes your energy. 14 individually wrapped tablets Ideal for work, school, and sport, these delicious orange tablets contain 88% dextrose.

When do you need Dextro Energy Tablets?

Take Dextro Energy Tablets whenever you’re experiencing a drop in energy levels and need a quick boost in carbohydrates to raise your blood sugar. Take a small amount of these tablets every 15 – 20 minutes for best results.

Is Dextrose vegan?

Dextrose is a type of sugar that is usually obtained from corn (maize) and which is, chemically speaking, the same as glucose. Used in a wide range of food products as a sweetener, preservative, or stabilizer, and also in medicine and cosmetics, dextrose has a relatively wide range of applications.Dextrose is also consumed by some bodybuilders (including vegan ones!) or other athletes before or after a workout to help top up their blood sugar levels or stores of glycogen.