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Sterimar Hypertonic Congestion Relief – 100ml

Original price was: £6.79.Current price is: £4.26.

Sterimar Hypertonic Congestion Relief – 100ml
Sterimar Hypertonic Congestion Relief - 100ml £6.79 Original price was: £6.79.£4.26Current price is: £4.26.

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About rhinopharyngitis, commonly known as a cold

Rhinopharyngitis is a benign viral infection of the upper airways (nasal cavity, throat, sinuses) that mainly affects the nasal areas of the respiratory mucosa. More than 200 different types of viruses can cause rhinopharyngitis, with rhinoviruses and coronaviruses as the main culprits.

During a cold, viruses attack the mucosa of the nose and throat, causing inflammation of these areas. As a result, the irritated mucous membranes swell up, producing more mucous, with the risk of a bacterial secondary infection.

A cold is contagious and is generally transmitted by contact with the hands or through the air (sneezing and coughing).

What are the common symptoms of rhinopharyngitis?

Rhinopharyngitis usually starts with:

  • The feeling of a blocked nose (nasal congestion)
  • a runny nose
  • sneezing
  • a sore throat, and/or a cough;
  • a general feeling of being unwell.
How does Sterimar Congestion Relief Nasal Spray works?

It Stops & Protects Cold and Sinus Relief rapidly decongests and soothes the nasal passages, clears mucous, and fights infections.

Sterimar Congestion Relief is a unique sea water base nasal spray recommended by doctors. It naturally helps relieve congestion and prevent the onset of colds and infections.

The formulation, rich in sea minerals gently washes away cold causing germs before they develop and helps drain fluids from the nasal mucosa allowing you to breathe naturally.

Sterimar Congestion Relief gently helps rebalance nasal functions for your body to better fight infections and keep a healthy nose.

Sterimar Congestion Relief is 100% natural. It is preservative and steroid free. It is so gentle that it can be used by children from 3 years, breastfeeding women, and people who cannot use medication. It has no rebound congestion effect.