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The original wristband for Sea Sickness, although it is equally effective for Travel Sickness or Motion Sickness of any kind. It can also help with the nausea experienced during chemotherapy.

The Sea Band is a knitted elasticated wrist band and it works by applying gentle pressure to the Nei-Kuan acupressure point on the wrist via a small plastic stud. This is known to relieve or even prevent feelings of nausea, without the risk of any of the side effects associated with anti-nausea drugs.

Instructions for use are supplied with the Sea Bands and they can be worn either as a preventative measure before a journey begins, or at any other time when nausea threatens.

Ideal for wearing whilst sleeping to help combat that horrible nauseous feeling when you awake and get up. Also great for handing out to visiting crew members when sailing, or to fellow sufferers when travelling by any other means.

Sea Bands can also be used in combination with other measures, such as Queasy Drops or the Nevasic audio programme, and this can help to increase the overall effectiveness significantly.

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12 – 300 mg, 12