Optive Fusion Eye Drops – 10ml


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Optive Fusion Eye Drops is a unique multi-dose sterile solution for instant relief from symptoms of dry eyes. It is also compatible for use with all contact lenses.

With a special mix that combines various ocular lubricants (sodium hyaluronate, carboxymethylcellulose, and glycerine), Optive Fusion drops provide greater lubrication and protection to the cornea for long-lasting relief from mild to severe dry eye symptoms. Use Optive for less severe symptoms or think about switching to Optive Plus for a new lubricant combination.

It features a special formulation that offers all-day comfort. The ocular surface cells are moisturised by restoring the osmotic balance after first lubricating the eye surface.

The multi-use container can be maintained for six months after it has been opened since it contains Purite, a mild preservative that disintegrates into the components of natural tears in the eye.