Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags – Pack of 25


Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags – Pack of 25 £5.32

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Directions for use

  • Tear off the safety seal at the top of the bag and open by gently pulling the zipper apart.
  • Storage bags are pre-sterilised and do not need to be washed before use.
  • Pour the breastmilk into the storage bags
  • Before closing the bag, read the fill quantity by means of the imprinted scale, close the bag and mark quantity in the inscription area.
  • Seal the bag by compressing the double seal. Repeat the procedure to ensure safe sealing

You can now use your Lansinoh Pump to pump direclty into Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags.

    1. To do this, tilt expression set and insert one side to align with the printed white line and flower.
    2. Gently pull the other side of the bag up over the expression set so the clear zipper is above the expression set on all sides.
    3. Gently pull the bag down until the expression set is just below the clear bottom zipper all the way around the bag. Tug gently on bottom of bag ensure bag is secure.
    4. If working with a double pump, repeat step 1-3.
    5. Pump as usual
    6. To remove bag, reverse step 2. DO NOT PULL BAG STRAIGHT DOWN. Securely hold the bag and gently push the zipper seal down past expression set. Maintaining a firm grip on bag, tilt and remove adapter. Seal bag

NOTE!: Do not fill past the 6oz/180ml mark. Overfilling may cause the bag to split due to the liquid expanding when frozen. Pumping directly into bags requires two hands to safely remove milk storage bags.

Additional information

How to Store BreastMilk

Storage of breastmilk How long can breastmilk be stored? Room Temperature 6 to 8 hours Fridge (up to 4°C) Up to 3 days Freezer 0°F (-18°C) 6 months How long can thawed breastmilk be stored? Fridge (up to 4°C) unopened 24 hours Freezer (up to 4°C) after opening 12 hours