Enterosgel – 225g


Helps stop diarrhoea or shortens the duration of diarrhoea; Mitigates or prevents toxic and allergic reactions; Relieves symptoms of indigestion


Enterosgel – 225g £16.99

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In the beginning of the treatment (on Day 1) you can double the first dose and then continue with a single dose after each bowel movement from 3 to 6 times a day. Maximum 8 doses on the first day.

Stop the treatment with ENTEROSGEL® if you do not have bowel movement for 1–2 days, increase intake of water and continue the treatment after the next bowel movement.

During treatment of chronic diarrhoea you may adjust your dosage to suit your stool consistency and bowel movements. You can increase treatment to a double dose up to 3 times a day if your stool is loose, or reduce to a single dose once a day if your stool is normal. Maximum 6 doses per day.

The tube 225g on average is for 5-days treatment for an adults.