Clear Fog Wipes – Pack of 30


  • Antistatic Formula
  • Long Lasting More Than 24 Hours
  • Suitable For All Types Of Lenses
  • Anti-fog Wet Tissue
  • No Odour

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Clear Fog Wipes – Pack of 30 £5.19

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Clear Fog is an anti-fog wet tissue designed to prevent your glasses from fogging up, they can also be used on all other types of lenses. It antistatic formula allows the lens to remain clear for longer periods of time. Clear Fog will prevent the the lens from steaming up for more than 24 hours. It is odour free and has been made using a supersoft fine fabric to avoid the lens from being scratched or damaged.

The high quality optical paper protects, cleans and clears fog. It is delicate, flexible and leaves no crumbs or smears. Clear Fog has many benefits highlighted below:

  1. Clear Fog from your glasses whilst wearing a protective facemask.
  2. Clear Fog from your glasses whilst enjoying a hot cuppa with friends or colleagues.
  3. Clear Fog from small bathroom mirrors.
  4. Clear Fog from your motorcycle helmet.
  5. Clear Fog from your car side or rear view mirrors.
  6. Clear Fog from your goggles.
  7. Clear Fog from your camera lenses.
  8. Clear Fog is sealed in small pouches that you can easily carry in your wallet.