Cetirizine 10 mg – Hay Fever & Allergy Relief – 180 tablets


Cetirizine is a medication used to treat certain types of allergies and hay fever. It works by blocking the effect of histamines in the body. Histamines are substances that cause inflammation and swelling when they are released from cells in the body.

Cetirizine can be taken as an oral pill, liquid suspension, or cream for topical use on skin areas affected by allergies or hay fever symptoms such as redness, itching, rash, or asthma attacks

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Cetirizine is an antihistamine medicine that relieves the symptoms of allergies.

It’s used to treat:

  • hay fever
  • conjunctivitis (red, itchy eye)
  • eczema
  • hives (urticaria)
  • reactions to insect bites and stings
  • some food allergies

Cetirizine is known as a non-drowsy antihistamine. It’s much less likely to make you feel sleepy than some other antihistamines.

Key facts about Cetirizine Hay Fever Tablets:

  • It’s usual to take Cetirizine once a day. Children sometimes take it twice a day.
  • Cetirizine is classed as a non-drowsy antihistamine, but some people still find it makes them feel quite sleepy.
  • Common side effects include headaches, dry mouth, feeling sick, dizziness, stomach pain and diarrhoea.
  • It’s best not to drink alcohol while you’re taking Cetirizine as it can make you feel sleepy.

How much Cetirizine to take

  • The usual dose in adults is 10mg once daily.
  • Doses are usually lower for people with kidney problems.
  • For children, your doctor will use your child’s weight or age to work out the right dose.
  • If you have bought Cetirizine for a child, follow the instructions on the packet.
  • Depending on their age, children may take Cetirizine twice a day. In this case, try to space the doses 10 to 12 hours apart.