Vicks First Defence Nasal Spray – 15ml


Vicks First Defence is a treatment for the common cold which helps to catch the virus early, clinically proven to stop a cold in it’s tracks.

Vicks First Defence Nasal Spray – 15ml £5.49

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How does First Defence Nasal spray work?

When used at the 1st signs of a cold, First Defence nasal spray acts at the back of the nose directly where the cold virus takes hold and starts to develop (that’s why it is a nasal spray). It traps, inactivates, and helps your body naturally remove the cold viruses, to reduce the risk of the initial infection developing into a full-blown cold.

When used at the first sign of cold symptoms, Vicks First Defence nasal spray has been clinically proven to help stop a cold ini its tracks and not develop into a full-blown cold. It can also reduce symptom severity and duration.