Nicorette Nasal Spray 10ml


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Nicorette Nasal Spray Triple Pack provides you with a multipack of nasal sprays for managing nicotine withdrawals while you’re quitting smoking. It does not contain any tar, carbon monoxide, or other harmful substances that are associated with smoking tobacco.

In this multipack you will get:

3 bottles of Nicorette Nasal Spray (10ml each)

Tackles hard-to-beat cravings

Nicorette Nasal Spray contains 10ml nicotine. It works by providing you with small amounts of nicotine to lessen the physical signs and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. Once you apply the spray directly to your nostril, the nicotine is released into your system where it rapidly provides relief from cravings.

Helps heavy smokers quit

Because the nicotine is rapidly absorbed into your body through your nostrils, Nicorette Nasal Sprays are a good option for heavy smokers who want immediate/effective relief from withdrawal symptoms after they quit smoking.

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