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Services at Vision Pharmacy

Care Home Services

One of our passions here at Vision Pharmacy is providing medication for Care Home settings and we do this using a specialised system.

ear piercing Leicester

Ear Piercing

Our teams at Vision Pharmacy provide professional and hygienic ear piercing in Leicester. 

covid-19 vaccinations Leicester

COVID-19 Vaccination

If you are looking to get the COVID-19 Vaccination in Leicester, look no further than Vision Pharmacy.

Passport Photos

Looking to get passport photos in Leicester? Vision Pharmacy take and print passport photos for your convenience.

Disability Aids

As we get older, our bones get weaker and our movement stiffer. It is our top priority to make the lives of our patients easier and more comfortable. That is why our Pharmacies are well-stocked on a w...

Blister Packs

Do you struggle to organise medications and find it difficult to remember to take them at the correct time each day? Not to worry, we provide a Blister Pack Service. When you are managing multiple ...

Stop Smoking Service

We all know smoking is very harmful to our health but giving up can be hard. But you can stop smoking with our Stop Smoking Service in Leicester.

Medicine Use Review

A Medicine Use Review (MUR) aims to help you better understand the medicines you take, how they work and what they do.

Blood Pressure Checks

Are you worried about your blood pressure? Come and get tested. We provide essential blood pressure checks in Leicester.

minor ailments service

Minor Ailments

We are a modern prescribing clinic that offers NHS and private treatments in-store. If you are looking for treatment for minor ailments in Leicester, visit our pharmacy.

Emergency Contraception

No appointments needed, an easily accessible location and just a quick consultation. We provide emergency contraception in Leicester.

free prescription delivery leicester

Free Prescription Delivery & Collection

We want you to find comfort in the fact that we are always by their side, that is why we provide free prescription delivery.

inhaler technique coventry

Inhaler Technique

We can help guide you through the correct process of using your inhaler. Learn the correct inhaler technique in Coventry at our pharmacy.

flu vaccine Leicester

Flu Vaccine Service

This year, getting the flu vaccine is more important than ever, that is why we are providing the flu vaccine in Leicester.